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    • 12 ºC MIN / 29 ºC MAX

      Lunes 23 de Octubre

    • 16 ºC MIN / 33 ºC MAX

      Martes 24 de Octubre

    • 19 ºC MIN / 28 ºC MAX

      Miércoles 25 de Octubre

    The night

    Nightlife is Tucuman’s principal feature. Along the whole week, but especially from Thursday to Sunday visitors can enjoy a night out choosing among bars, “peñas” (folk clubs), pubs, dance clubs, games rooms and theaters. Considering that nightlife in Tucuman is continuous, visitors who take a walk around the city after sunset will experience a peculiar feeling of warmth characteristic of small cities. 

    Restaurants offer a wide variety of menus. You can choose either regional or international dishes to enjoy. They adjust to different preferences and budgets. 

    The tourists will be delighted with lights from bars, pubs and peñas (folk clubs), which invite them to enjoy the night eating while hearing good music either inside or outside. For those who enjoy activities in the city, the downtown is the best choice. If you prefer to see the mountains and feel the cool breeze while eating, Yerba Buena would be your best choice.