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    • 21 ºC MIN / 35 ºC MAX

      Martes 26 de Septiembre

    • 15 ºC MIN / 25 ºC MAX

      Miércoles 27 de Septiembre

    • 14 ºC MIN / 19 ºC MAX

      Jueves 28 de Septiembre

    Historic City Circuit

    Tucumán encloses some of the most heavenly destinations of Argentina. With the advantage of having good weather all year long and short distances, each one of the five touristic circuits offered by the province invites you to live a unique experience, within the history of the city or the magic of the hills and valleys.

    Without any doubt, the first circuit you must do is the Historic City circuit, where you will dive into the roots of a province that witnessed the birth of the Independence of the whole country on its very streets. In this ride, you will see Tucumán’s most important civic buildings: the Independence Square, the Casa Histórica (Historic House), museums and art galleries, churches rich with history and little streets with autochthonous color…




    Ciudad Histórica