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    Bar and Pubs

    For those who want to enjoy a moment of relax with tasty meals or drinks, bars or pubs are some of the options. Either in downtown or Yerba Buena or even outside these two cities, the choices are varied according different tastes. Generally these are the places chosen for young people who go there to have a drink before going to dance clubs. 

    Bars are generally open all week long, though they are most visited from Thursday to Sunday. The last trend is “theme bars”, where the tourist will be able to learn some of the local traditions.

    San Miguel de Tucuman: 


    Costumbres Argentinas
    It is a Cultural Theme bar. There you have Regional food made in clay oven. Different kinds of music are performed there, such as jazz, folklore and rock. 
    San Juan 666
    (0381) 155013448


    Bar with craft beer and food. 
    Santa Fe 513
    (0381) 4220444


    El Árbol de Galeano
    Bar and restaurant with haute cuisine. You can also find paintings exhibitions. 
    Rivadavia 435
    (0381) 4977986


    La San Juan
    It is open every day. Traditional food, and a wide variety of wines and drinks are found here. Good music, National and International rock and an excellent attention. 
    San Juan 1059
    (0381) - 4210261


    Bar dedicated to promote contemporary art and to show the initiative of a self managed group of workers. Music, colors, forms, and flavors are items to enjoy here. 
    Laprida 289
    (0381) 4313085


    Patio Lorca Bar - Sala cultural
    Bar with a hall for artistic and cultural expressions where you will find the best bohemian environment with regional food and drinks. 
    Av. Alem 222
    (0381) 4248874


    Plaza de Almas
    Bar with a pre-Columbian style, Regional haute cuisine, Paintings exhibitions and patio. 
    Open from Tuesday till Sunday, from 9:00 pm. 
    Maipu 791
    (0381) 4306067


    Black Bar
    It is excellent to have some drinks and grilled pizzas while listening good music. 
    Catamarca and España
    (0381) 155851076

    High quality cocktails. Open from Tuesday till Sunday from 08:00 pm till 02:00 am
    Corrientes 121
    (381) 4554584


    Bar Irlanda
    Pub, and bar. 
    Catamarca 380
    (0381) 155451779


    Arthur Lounge
    Live music, drinks and food. 
    Maipú 759
    (0381) 156046616


    Yerba Buena: 


    La Malegria 
    With an outdoor garden and Regional haute cuisine. On Sundays you have crafts fair. 
    Open from Wednesday till Sunday from 09:00 p.m. 
    San Martín 191 
    (0381) 4250648