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    Peñas (Folk Clubs)

    Whoever visit Tucuman and do not go to a “Peña” will feel that something is missing. Every year more and more people spend time on these places where they can experience the local traditions and folklore.


    At Tucuman’s Peñas, you will hear the local music, and be able to spend a nice time while eating a regional dish and drinking a good wine. Every day different groups from Tucuman and other parts of the country play their zambas and chacareras at peñas, increasing the affection felt for the folklore in the North.


    El Alto de La Lechuza

    Address: 24 de Septiembre esq. Marco Avellaneda

    Tel: (0381) 4218940 - 156788696

    Regional food and musical events on Friday and Saturday

    Open: Friday and Saturday from 09:00 pm.


    El Cardon

    Address: Las Heras 50

    Tel: (0381) 4222161

    Regional Food

    Open: Every day at midday and night.


    La 9 de Julio

    Address: 9 de Julio 345

    Tel: (0381) 4222779

    Regional Food, musical events on Friday and Saturday


    La Casa de Yamil

    Address: España 153

    Tel: (0381) 4228487

    Restaurant with barbecue, and regional foods; shows on Friday and Saturday evening.

    Open: Friday and Saturday at night and Sunday midday.


    El Aljibe

    Address: Las Heras y Crisostomo Alvarez

    Tel: (0381) 155080128 - 155850860

    Regional foods and shows from Thursday till Saturday evening.

    Open: all week long.