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    Games, Cinemas and Circuses

    Parents love seeing their children playing and having fun outdoors. Tucuman has parks, squares, hills… Options are varied and, in each of them, they will be glad to know that their children are spending time in healthy and well-equipped areas.


    Both in downtown and Yerba Buena, public promenades are full of kids every day: it is usual to see them riding bikes, skating, sliding, or having picnic with their family in a warm afternoon.



    Urquiza Square

    25 de Mayo and Santa Fe

    Carousel – mechanic games - playground


    Avellaneda Park

    Av. Mate de Luna 1800

    Carousel – mechanic games


    9 de Julio Park

    On the east side of the city

    Mechanic train and other games


    Leocadio Paz Square

    Games for children

    San Pedro de Colalao





    Tel: (54 381) 436-1862

    Av. Roca 3450 (Hipermercado Libertad)


    Aventura Center

    Tel: (54 381) 4357090

    Shopping Portal Tucumán

    Fermin Cariola 42 – Yerba Buena

    E-mail: aventuracenter@censosud.com.ar



    Apart from outdoor promenades and entertaining centers for kids, circuses coming from different parts of the country are eventually performing in the province. They offer a unique show of fun and entertainment.


    Aimed to the whole family, they have magicians, clowns, jugglers, puppeteers and many others artists, that invite you to spend a wonderful moment of joy inside their tents. Entertainment and enthusiasm become part of the place making up one of the favorite plans chosen by local families.



    If you cannot spend the day outdoors because of the weather, that shouldn’t be a problem. Cinemas are a good choice if you want your kids not to get bored.  


    Tucuman offers 4 different cinemas, two of them in the city and the others in Yerba Buena.