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    Campsites Guide

    We provide all the information about Tucuman’s campsites.

    El Cadillal

    Las Moreras:
    Located to the bank of the Loro river. Route 347 / Telephone numbers: (0381) 4237319 - 155036238
    Security 24 hs. Offers tables, grills, chairs, bathrooms, hot water with showers. Sale of empanadas and beverages.

    Located in the bank of the Loro river. Telephone numbers  0381 4923091 - 155995118.
    Promotions for big groups.

    Paso de las Lanzas:
    Located to the bank of the Loro river. Route 347 (unnumbered). Telephone number:  0381-155741524
    Touristic, gastronomic, sports, cultural complex.
    Campsite, grills, outdoor bars, bathrooms, showers, security, resto piano-bar, disco.

    Complejo Polideportivo El Cadillal:
    Route 347 / Km 4 / Telephone numbers: (0381) 4273548 – 155758655.
    Swimming pools, locker rooms, grills and outdoor bars, buffet, volleyball court, games for children, parking lot, etc. Open to general public from 8:00 a. m. to 10:00 p. m.

    Empleados de Comercio (SEOC):
    Access to El Cadillal, Route 347 / Telephone numbers: 0381 4307591 – 4221999 - 155183113.
    Straw-roofed ranches, grilles, outdoor bars, bathrooms w/o hot water, swimming pool, grocery store, etc.

    Access to El Cadillal, Route 347 / Telephone number: 4330404
    Straw-roofed ranches and ecological ovens, bathrooms with hot water. Football court (11 and 5), basketball and volleyball courts, swimming pool. 

    El Mollar

    Mutualidad Provincial:
    Provincial Route 355. Telephone Number: 155010431.
    40 apartments with private bathroom. Space for tents. Grills, hot water, tv, etc.

    On Route 325. Telephone number: (0381) 154445519
    200 meters from the lake. Parking lot, dining area, grill, bathrooms, hot water 24 hs, tents and rooms rental.
    cocodriloscamping@hotmail.com; www.cocodrilos-camping.com.ar

    Club Sotto:
    Street El Cruce 1st block – Telephone number: 156783271.
    Showers, hot water, bar, security 24 hs.

    Tafí del Valle

    Street De Los Palenques 3rd block / Cell phone number: 155283104.
    Services: hot water from 8:00 a. m. to 12:00 p. m. and from 5:00 p. m. to 8:00 p. m. 
    Campsite, 3 straw-roofed ranches, 2 chalets, big reception area, recently renewed. 

    Amaicha del Valle

    Los Algarrobos:
    Entrance on Route 307 / Telephone numbers: 0381 155062079 - 4312367.
    Rooms with private and shared bathroom, swimming pool, surveillance, hot water 24 hs. 

    La Coplerita:
    Street Juan Pablo Pastrana (unnumbered). San Antonio neighborhood / Telephone number: 4366400 – 155679840.
    Hot water, bathrooms, straw-roofed ranches, grills, drugstore, typical foods and folk peñas (parties), tents rental, touristic guides, etc.

    Grupo de Artesanos:
    200 meters from the main square, Street Juan Pablo Pastrana and Ernesto Padilla / Telephone Number: 03892 421416.

    La Rocca:
    Route 337, La Puntilla Amaicha del Valle (20 blocks from the square heading to Santa Maria). Telephone number: (011) 1562491964.
    Grocery store, regional foods, bathrooms with hot water, tents and bikes rental, Wi-Fi service.

    San Pedro del Colalao

    Los Sauces:
    Street 24 de septiembre, on the banks of the river Las Tipas. Telephone number: 03862 156451487.
    Tent and motor home, swimming pool, night time patrol, hot water.

    Enzo Ciottola:
    Telephone number: Tel. 03862 481383.
    Tents rental, sports courts, swimming pools, drugstore, bathrooms, hot water.

    Camping Privado La Cañada:
    Between Route 311 and Puente Carretero, km 23 / Telephone numbers: 0381 4242111 - 154471801. 
    Grills, straw-roofed ranches, swimming pool, hot water, private parking lot, grocery store.